EGL Advisory Committee


The Experiential Global Learning Advisory Committee (EGLAC) is established as a requirement of the By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations of the University Senate [Section II.F.5], and its responsibilities are delegated by the Senate Committee on Scholastic Standards to provide direct oversight for the approval of credit-bearing Experiential Global Learning courses and programs offered by the University. Members will act as a liaison with their school or college, or administrative unit. Further, the EGLAC shall maintain By-Laws outlining the approval process for all University-sponsored student experiences abroad, including, but not limited to, credit-bearing programs and courses. The EGLAC does not provide oversight for student organizations’ travels abroad.

The University’s schools and colleges are solely responsible for review and approval of all academic aspects of credit-bearing Experiential Global Learning courses and programs. The responsibility and the prerogative of the EGLAC is limited to determining the appropriateness of such courses and programs relative to the locations where they are proposed to be held with adequate considerations of time, affordability for students, safety and security, and other issues related to institutional liability.

The Senate Committee on Scholastic Standards authorizes the Vice President for Global Affairs to reject or postpone a course or program for financial, liability, and safety reasons.