A Temporary Permit of Stay

A visa is a stamp, seal, page, or electronic document that consulate or embassy officials of another country affix or link to your passport. This document allows you to enter that country under a particular status (i.e. student or tourist) and remain for a period of time. Most, if not all, Experiential Global Learning programs with a duration longer than ninety (90) days will require a visa.

Visas and passports are different documents. You must secure your passport first before you may apply for a visa for a given country.

Your Personal Responsibility

It is your responsibility to obtain a valid passport and visa to participate on your Experiential Global Learning program. If you withdraw or do not participate in your program as a result of your failure to hold a valid passport and visa, Experiential Global Learning will not refund any of your Program Fees. Please note that all information listed here, as with any information related to visas and associated fees, are subject to change without notice.

Experiential Global Learning highly recommends that you avoid international travel in the months leading up to your program start date, as that travel may interfere with your ability to obtain a visa in time and participate on your program. You may need to surrender your passport for a given period of time to receive your visa; as a result, you may not be able to travel abroad during that period.  If you have planned international travel between the time you receive an acceptance from Experiential Global Learning and your program start date, you must contact your Experiential Global Learning advisor immediately for further instructions on how to obtain a visa for your program.

Your passport must be valid for (in other words, must not expire) at least six months after your intended program end date in the host country. Immigration officials reserve the right to deny entry to any traveler that does not possess a valid travel document. It is your responsibility to determine if your current passport is valid for six months beyond the end date for your program. Please be sure to check the date of expiration on your passport and, if necessary, renew your passport as soon as possible so you do not experience delays or problems when applying for a visa.

Visa Resources and Support

Experiential Global Learning can help provide basic guidance for you regarding your visa. That said, as visa regulations change quickly–and vary from country to country, student to student–we recommend that you work with an establish visa support provider for the most accurate and efficient assistance. If you would like such support in obtaining your visa, you are welcome to work with one of the following visa providers (or any other provider of your choosing):

For more information about visas for travel abroad to any country, or information on how to contact a specific embassy or consulate, please consult the U.S. Department of State website. If you are an international student, or otherwise hold a passport from another country than the United States, you may contact your country’s embassy or consulate for more information.