Frequently Asked Questions – Travel Registration

Can Global Affairs invoice departments/schools if they wish to cover the cost of the $25 registration fee for their students?

Yes. The department/school must contact Global Affairs ( with the names of the travelers for whom the department/school will be covering the fee.

Can schools/departments direct bill the $25 registration fee in KFS through internal billing?

Yes. Please contact Global Affairs ( individually to discuss.

Can departments/schools reimburse students who already paid for the $25 registration fee?

Yes. This decision and the subsequent process for doing so is up to each department/school.

University travelers already need to fill out a trip registration through Concur. Why are they required to complete a second form?

The purpose of this policy is to facilitate the following objectives:

  1. Ensuring students/staff/faculty access to the insurance required for their travel abroad.
  2. Assessment of any potential risks and appropriate actions to reduce those risks.
  3. University awareness of when and where students are taking advantage of these international opportunities.

Travelers must register with Global Affairs in order to obtain CISI International Health Insurance, which covers them in case of illness or injury and in case they need to be evacuated due to natural disaster or political unrest. It also provides trip cancellation coverage if the student cancels his/her trip and has incurred travel expenses.

What are the repercussions of not filling out this form?

The student’s information will be given to UConn Community Standards and Community Standards will determine the appropriate repercussions. Global Affairs does not determine any consequences levied against students who do not complete the form.

Is the Global Affairs process different for students traveling on university funds and those who are not?

No. Students must complete the same form with Global Affairs whether they are traveling with university funds or not.

What else do students have to fill out in terms of the University’s international travel policy?

If the traveler’s destination is in a country/region with a U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory of Level 3 or higher, they will also be asked to complete a Travel Waiver Form. This waiver can be found within the Global Affairs Travel Registration form.

Does the international travel policy affect any other members of the University? (e.g. faculty)

The Policy for Education Abroad and Related Activities in Sites with U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories pertains to faculty and staff in addition to students. If a faculty or staff member is traveling to a country or region with a U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory of Level 3 or higher, they must complete an online Travel Waiver Form through Global Affairs. The link to the waiver can be found under the Staff & Faculty section of this page.

If a faculty or staff member is traveling to a country or region with a Travel Advisory of Level 2 and below, they do not need to complete the Travel Waiver through Global Affairs.

Travel Services automatically enrolls faculty and staff in CISI International Health Insurance when they complete their Concur registration for their trip.