Pre-Departure Orientation

If you are a UConn student, you are required to participate in the Experiential Global Learning Pre-Departure Orientation after you have accepted an offer to participate in a program. An important tool in facilitating your transition from UConn and back again, this meeting will guide you through what you need to do to make your experience a success. Experiential Global Learning staff, in collaboration with other offices on campus, will cover important aspects of participating in a program, including remaining healthy and safe while away, obtaining academic credit, and registering for UConn housing and classes after you return, and obtaining financial aid.

Smaller, program-specific orientations will be held in addition to the main orientation. These are designed to provide you with specific information on the country and region in which you will be studying. Finally, it is your first opportunity to get to know the other students in your program and ask specific questions of knowledgeable staff. Again, you are expected to attend these meetings.

Pre-Departure Orientation is held late in the spring term for summer, fall, and academic year participants, and late in the fall term for winter and spring participants. Instructions, processes, and timelines will be included in your acceptance letter.