Custom Programs

Custom Programs are those signature programs that Experiential Global Learning, UConn faculty and staff, and our contractors on site facilitate directly. On these programs, students take classes or participate in credit-bearing experiential learning opportunities and live with other students who participate.

Experiential Global Learning works with faculty and contractors to design every element of a program, from particular courses to housing options and relevant activities. Faculty or staff may propose formally any new program (Faculty-Led, Exchange, or Affiliated) through Experiential Global Learning.

Although all Custom Programs involve third-party contractors, they may take one of two collaborative models:

  • Faculty-Led Programs: The Program Leader, usually a faculty or staff member, works with Experiential Global Learning and a third-party contractor to organize a the program based on the Program Leader’s specifications. Leaders travel with students through programs that typically occur over breaks, winter, or summer.
  • Signature Programs: Faculty or staff members work with Experiential Global Learning to design customized courses or credit-bearing experiential programming with a third-party contractor. UConn faculty or staff do not travel with students for the duration of the program, although they may travel for a short period before, during, or after the program to guide and support students.