Program Types

Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are offered in-person, virtually or in a hybrid format by UConn Instructors. They may be short-term programs over breaks – winter, spring break or summer – where students learn, travel and are housed with other UConn students. Experiential Global Learning, UConn faculty, and our partners facilitate these programs directly.

In our online database, you may view a list of Faculty-Led Programs.

Signature Programs

Signature programs, in-person or virtual, are created and facilitated by Experiential Global Learning in collaboration with our partners. EGL works with our partners to provide information for courses, housing, administration and support while on-site. These programs may be for the academic year, semester long, or short-term programs.

In our online database, you may view a list of Signature Programs.

Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs are Tuition-Based Programs that allow UConn to swap students on a regular basis with a university through an official agreement. Through an Exchange you enroll directly in classes, share housing with local students, and may become a regular member of the host university community. You may pay room (and if applicable, board) fees directly to the host university or live off-campus. The international programs office of the host university will be available to you for most of the student support services you may need. Because there are limited spots for each Exchange, a GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for application and selection is competitive.

In our online database, you may view a list of Exchange Programs.

Affiliated Programs

Through formal affiliation agreements, you may enroll in classes at a university or partner institution. That institution’s international programs office may be available for support services. You do not pay UConn tuition for these programs. Affiliated Programs are Direct-Bill Programs in which you pay the host partner directly.

In our online database, you may view a list of Affiliated Programs.