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Image of Ngozi Taffe

Ngozi Taffe, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Global Affairs

Image of Gabriella Pires Santoro

Gabriella Pires Santoro


Image of Laura Hills

Laura Hills

Associate Director, Advising

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Image of Valerie Jenkelunas

Valerie Jenkelunas

Advisor, Community Liaison Specialist

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Ann Keim


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Image of Colleen Millerick

Colleen Millerick

Custom Programs Specialist

Image of Inga Pötzl

Inga Pötzl

Advisor, BWCT Exchange Coordinator

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Kory Powell

Administrative Assistant

Kimberley Sadowski

Custom Programs Coordinator


Sita Nyame

Program Assistant


Clara Gomes-Ferres

Marketing & Social Media Assistant