Course Withdrawal Policy

Students may withdraw from an Experiential Global Learning course if they so choose, and must do so by the eleventh week of classes. If your program allows for withdrawal from a course after the second week of classes, you should file the appropriate paperwork with your program.

If your program does not allow for course withdrawal after the second week of classes, you may submit the Experiential Global Learning Course Withdrawal Form.

You are allowed to withdraw from one class while on your program. In many cases, however, you may need to stay enrolled in the course and fail it due to student visa regulations and needing to be enrolled full time. Once your grades come back to Experiential Global Learning, this Course Withdrawal Form will indicate that the course you failed should be a ‘W’ on your transcript and not graded credit. You may find further information on UConn’s policy on ‘W’ credit for courses in the Undergraduate Catalog.