Scholarships Overview

UConn and other organizations offer myriad scholarships for Experiential Global Learning programs. Experiential Global Learning strongly encourages students to be creative, resourceful and diligent in seeking funding opportunities and submitting applications. Work with your Experiential Global Learning advisor to set goals for application progress and to focus your search based on your personal eligibility characteristics.

UConn Experiential Global Learning Scholarships

  • Awarded by Experiential Global Learning based on a student’s status as a Veteran, Regional Campus student, academic merit, or financial need according to data provided by the Office of Financial Aid
  • Amounts awarded vary by semester
  • No additional application materials needed from the student after Experiential Global Learning program application is submitted
  • Veteran or regional campus students will reflect this status in the Experiential Global Learning application questionnaire

UConn Global Affairs Foundation Scholarships

  • No additional application materials needed from the student after Experiential Global Learning program application is submitted
  • Individual scholarships describe eligibility criteria (need, program location, merit, etc.)
  • Amounts vary by semester unless specified otherwise in scholarship description
  • Award status announced after acceptance to approved Experiential Global Learning program

Other UConn Scholarships

  • Awarded by UConn departments or programs based on their eligibility criteria
  • Some awards are not specific to Experiential Global Learning but can be used by UConn students
  • Students are encouraged to reach out to those specific departments with questions

National Scholarships

  • Nationally competitive awards with unique eligibility requirements outlined in their descriptions
  • Application process is not managed by UConn Experiential Global Learning
  • Assistance preparing application essays through Experiential Global Learning is encouraged

Destination Specific Scholarships

  • Eligibility is largely determined by the location of the Experiential Global Learning program
  • Application process is managed outside of UConn Experiential Global Learning
  • Eligibility requirements are outlined for each scholarship
  • Reach out to Experiential Global Learning advisors for assistance as needed

Diversity Scholarships

  • Students qualify for these scholarships based on a variety of identity characteristics
  • Eligibility may be based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, membership in a religious group, disability status or other personal identities
  • Scholarships may or may not be specific to studying abroad
  • Application processes are managed outside of UConn Experiential Global Learning.