Pass/Fail Policy

Course Pass/Fail Option & Policy

Students who are selecting a course for the Pass/Fail option or want to convert a Pass/Fail back to a graded basis must do so by the eleventh week of the fall or spring semester. (Please refer to your host program’s academic calendar to confirm their first day of class). For winter and summer programs, students must follow the dates set forth by UConn during the term they are particpating in a program.

Once Experiential Global Learning receives and your request is reviewed by your Academic Advisor, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

To Request a course to be placed on Pass/Fail, you must submit a Pass/Fail Request Form

To Remove a course previously placed on Pass/Fail, you must do so by re-submitting the Pass/Fail Request Form with the “Remove Class from Pass/Fail” section completed and signed.

Experiential Global Learning follows the criteria set forth by the UConn Catalog in terms of pass/fail requirements and restrictions.

Courses on Pass/Fail:

  • Still need to be aligned
  • Still must receive a letter grade from the foreign institution on your official transcript
  • Do not satisfy General Education Requirements, major and minor requirements or any school or college course requirements
  • May not be acceptable when a student changes majors or schools within the University
  • May not be transferable to another institution

We encourage you to speak with your school/college to discuss how a course or more placed on Pass/Fail will impact your plan of study. Students may refer to the University Catalog for existing school and college-level pass/fail restrictions.

School and College Restrictions on Pass/Fail

  • In the School of Business, students may not elect the Pass/Fail option for any of the departments of the School.
  • In the School of Education, students may not elect the Pass/Fail option for courses offered in the School of Education which are required for certification as a teacher.
  • In the School of Engineering, no course taken on Pass/Fail may be counted for credit toward graduation.
  • In the School of Pharmacy, no specifically required courses (all courses for which no alternate choice is given in the curricular listings) can be taken on Pass/Fail.
  • In the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture students may only place one course on the Pass/Fail option.