Non-UConn Students

Participate in a UConn EGL program!

Even if you are not a student at the University of Connecticut, you are welcome to apply to a number of our programs.

All students enrolling through UConn will receive credits and grades as if the courses had been taken at UConn. While you are participating in your program, you will be registered at the University of Connecticut as a non-degree student. Upon successful completion of the program, grades and credits are posted to an official UConn transcript. You may request through UConn’s Student Administration System for your official UConn transcript to be sent to your home institution for transfer of credit. You should make this request after your program has ended and your grades have been posted.

If you are not enrolled in a degree program at the University of Connecticut, you are ineligible for financial aid through UConn. You should check with your own university’s financial aid office to find out if your financial aid can be used for an Experiential Global Learning program at UConn.