Announcing our Summer Virtual Programs

In light of the pandemic, and our continued efforts to create experiential, accessible, and life-transformative programming for all of our students, we would like to announce the 2021 summer virtual programs portfolio.

2021 Summer Virtual Programs List

Summer virtual programs:

We will communicate with you if any additional programs are added to the summer portfolio.


Most summer programs have an application deadline of March 14, though some programs have an extended deadline of April 7.

You can find the application deadline for each program on their respective brochures.

Scholarships Available for Students

Experiential Global Learning offers need and merit-based scholarships. Students will be reviewed for these scholarships as long as they meet the eligibility criteria and submit an Experiential Global Learning application. UConn Experiential Global Learning Scholarships include:

  • Global Citizenship Scholarship: These awards are based solely on financial need. Accordingly, a completed FAFSA must be on file with the Office of Student Financial Aid Services.
  • Regional Campus Incentive Scholarship: Provided to all UConn regional campus students that have been accepted to an Experiential Global Learning program.
  • The United States Armed Forces Veteran Scholarships: available to UConn students committed to programs abroad who have served or continue to serve in our Armed Forces and are registered with UConn Veteran’s Affairs and Military Programs.
  • UConn Global Affairs Foundation Scholarships: Various types of scholarships are available under the foundation scholarships.

Besides UConn Experiential Global Learning scholarships, we encourage students to research other UConn scholarships, specifically with their School/College and departments, as well as national scholarships. Scholarship resources are available on the Experiential Global Learning Scholarship Opportunities webpage.

Upcoming Events for Students & Staff/Faculty

Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions,