FAQs for Fall 2021 International Student Programming  

Program Options & Brochures

Newly Admitted/Freshman Programs for Chinese Citizens: 

Webinar Recording: General Programs Overview 

Newly Admitted/Freshman Programs for Non-Chinese Citizens:  

Webinar Recording: General Programs Overview 


  1. Click on “Apply Now” button for the program that you are interested.
    1. UConn First Year at ECNU
    2. UConn First Year at UNNC
    3. UConn First Year in London
  2. Click on “I do not have login credentials to this site”
  3. Click “submit”
  4. Fill out the various “New User Form” fields with pertinent information.
    1. Please fill out the application using your name as it is issued on your passport.
    2. Please don’t use Chinese characters either.
  5. Clicking “Create Account”, a message will be sent to the email account you provided. This message should contain your login and password information.

After you have been assigned a username and have confirmed your password, you will be given your own personal online application page. At that point, you will be prompted to enter your home addresses and emergency contact information. Once your information has been saved, you will be brought to your online application

Upperclassmen Programs:

    Webinar Recording: General Programs Overview


    Open Hours for all International Students

    Students who are interested in these opportunities above are invited to meet with advisors from both the EGL and ISSS teams to discuss your individual plans.  Meet with advisors:

      • April 12 – May 13, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. No appointment is needed – after clicking to join the meeting, you will be admitted to a waiting room and advisors will allow you to join the meeting when they are free (if already meeting with a student, you may need to wait your turn).
      • Link for the advising meetings: https://uconnvtc.webex.com/meet/isss

    Who can participate in these programs?

    • These programs are open to all international undergraduate students. There are no programs currently for graduate students.

    How do I participate in the program?

    • Students must complete a program application by the deadline of DAY, MONTH DATE, 2021 to be considered for the program. Refer to the Program Brochures for more program information, including academics, finances, and the link to apply.

    Application Process

    What is the deadline to apply?

    • May 10, 2021 at 11:59PM EST

    Can a student change their mind after they commit to a program?

    • Students will incur non-refundable fees if they withdraw from the program after the commitment deadline.


    What is the cost for these programs? 

    • The cost of the program will be equivalent to the 2021-2022 tuition.


    Can a student enroll in UConn online courses in addition to the program courses?

    • No. A student must take all their classes through the program, with the exception of the 1-credit FYE course for freshmen.

    How many credits will the student enroll in?

    • The student must enroll in 12 or more US credits.

    How will the University know if a student is partaking in one of these programs?

    • All students will be registered in a 12-credit OFFC placeholder.

    Will the student be enrolled in UConn aligned courses at ECNU, Nottingham-Ningbo and London?

    • Yes. Experiential Global Learning is working with all programs to align courses. Upperclassmen have the ability to continue to align additional courses in the course catalogs. For more information on course alignment, https://abroad.uconn.edu/academics/

    How will students grades come back?

    • All students will receive a transcript from their program. The courses will be aligned and placed on their UConn transcript with a letter grade, and factored into their GPA.

    Will the courses they take fulfill Plan of Study Requirements?

    • All courses taken on the programs will be assigned a UConn course title and number that will appear on a student’s UConn transcript. Academic Advisors/Faculty can confirm if a course applies to a student’s Plan of Study.

    What is the capacity of the available classes?

    • Our partners will work with Experiential Global Learning to meet student demand for courses as much as possible. There is no guarantee for enrollment in specific courses.

    How will we know if courses are available or closed due to capacity issues?

    • Students will work with our local partners upon acceptance to determine their course schedule.

    What times are the classes?

    • Class times are determined by our local partners, and students will be notified during registration.

    Housing in China

    Is there housing available for students? 

    • Yes, each program will have a local provider to assist with housing arrangements. Students will pay these local providers directly for housing costs. Details will be provided directly to students after acceptance into the program.

    Do students need to use the housing arrangements above? 

    • No, students do not need to utilize the housing provided through our local partners.

    Additional Questions Specific to East China Normal University (ECNU)

    Which ECNU campus will I attend?

    • The English language courses from the Global Education Center are located on its downtown campus (3663 Zhongshan Road, North).  The rest of the courses are likely to be there also, though it depends on individual student course needs.

    What is API?

    • API is an Affiliate of UConn Global. They are an Experiential Global Learning Provider that will be assisting students who participate in ECNU with their housing and organizing group social and cultural activities. These activities will be communicated to students directly by API.

    Additional Questions Specific to University of Nottingham, Ningbo (UNNC)


    Additional Questions Specific to London