Approved Programs

Experiential Global Learning considers Faculty-Led, Exchange, or Affiliated Programs as Approved programs. For these options, UConn either has created these programs itself or affiliated formally with a partner institution or organization to offer the program.

All other programs, including unaffiliated Third Party Programs, are unapproved programs. UConn cannot guarantee that academic credits earned on unapproved programs may transfer back to a UConn transcript. UConn’s ability to support students on such programs is limited.

If a student participates in an unapproved program (one that is not in Experiential Global Learning’s database), or otherwise does not commit to a program through Experiential Global Learning, UConn may not be able to transfer any earned credits to a UConn transcript. A student may need to take a leave of absence from UConn to participate in the program and reapply to UConn after their program ends. Experiential Global Learning is not able to assist students with these programs, including course alignment.