Program Marketing and Promotion

Promoting an Experiential Global Learning Program effectively is perhaps the most challenging aspect of the entire process for program leaders. Many leaders traditionally do not have responsibility for promoting their on-campus courses or do not incur any significant loss if their offered courses do not gain sufficient enrollment.

Information Sessions

Experiential Global Learning strongly encourages you to organize and host information sessions for your program. Direct faculty engagement with students is the number one factor for custom program success, according to published literature in our field. You as the leader are the best face of the program. As a result, we strongly recommend that you conduct your own classroom visits; collaborate with departmental, college, or university partners to expand your potential audience; and utilize social media, college and department websites, the UConn Daily Digest, the UConn radio station, or alumni from past programs to expand your target audience. Experiential Global Learning’s resources are limited, as you may know, so your collaborative efforts are essential.

Experiential Global Learning Advisors are happy to join you for your information sessions if they are able to participate. Given their duties and schedules, they may be available only during standard work hours, or from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, but we are happy to try to work out mutual times for presentations. If you would like to schedule a presentation with Experiential Global Learning staff, please submit a request through our Schedule an Experiential Global Learning Presentation webform. If time is limited, or our staff are unable to join you for a session, you are welcome to use our Faculty-Led Program Information Session Presentation instead. If you do host any information or orientation sessions, please contact us at, as we can post those meetings on our events calendar.

Experiential Global Learning Marketing

Experiential Global Learning can produce marketing materials for your program. We work with University Communications to build professional, branded templates for print flyers, customized versions of which we can distribute to you, your department, and around campus.