Pass/Fail Policy for Spring 2020 Students

On April 27th, 2020, the University Senate changed the Pass/Fail Request deadline for Spring 2020 students. Students who were abroad can now place a course on pass/fail up until seven days after they receive their final grades.

Once Experiential Global Learning receives a student’s foreign transcript from a host program or institution, we will e-mail the student directly. At that time, the student has seven days to confirm which courses they would like to receive a letter grade and which they would like to place on pass/fail. It is important that students continue to watch their UConn e-mail account for the communication.

Please note that Experiential Global Learning does not have official dates of when transcripts will arrive from foreign programs/institutions, nor do we have control over when it will arrive to be processed. Our office will communicate with students the Friday after their transcript is received. Student who may need a more exact timeline should reach out to their host program/institution.