FAQs – Fall 2020 – International Programming in China

FAQs for Fall 2020 International Programming in China

Program Brochure

Freshmen Programs: 

General Programs Overview – Webinar (Recorded June 29, 2020)

Upperclassmen Programs:

General Programs Overview – Webinar (Recorded July 1, 2020)

Application Process

What is the deadline to apply to all programs?

  • Monday, July 6, 2020 at 11:59PM (EST)

Is there an application process?

  • Yes, students must apply by the deadline of July 6. Refer to the Program Brochures above for more program information, including academics, finances, and the application link to apply.

What is the deadline to commit to the program?

  • Students must commit to the program by July 14, 2020

Can a student change their mind after they commit to a program?

  • Students may change their type of program to Online Coursework at UConn, but they will incur non-refundable fees.

Are these programs for a full year? Or semester?

  • The programs are for the fall 2020 term only.

Are there programs open in other countries for students?

  • At this time, there are no other programs available for students to apply to


What would the final all-inclusive cost for these programs be? 

  • The total UConn cost is US$18,537.  However, students will have to pay local living costs (housing, food, personal expenses etc).  For students choose ECNU, API in Shanghai will help students who need housing for appropriate accommodations. Details will be sent shortly to students.  University of Nottingham-Ningbo will have housing arrangements.  Students will need to pay API or Nottingham directly for housing costs.

On top of the program fees, do students have to pay UConn tuition?

  • See answer above.  The UConn program fee is $18,537.


Can a student enroll in courses at both UConn Online Courses and either the ECNU or Nottingham-Ningbo program?

  • No. A student must take all their classes through one option, with the exception of the 1-credit FYE course for freshman.

How many credits will the student enroll in?

  • The student must enroll in 12 or more US credits

How will the University know if a student is partaking in one of the programs in China?

  • All students will be registered in a 12-credit OFFC placeholder.

Will the student be enrolled in UConn aligned courses at ECNU or Nottingham-Ningbo?

  • Yes. The Experiential Global Learning has been working with both Universities to begin the alignment process. Upperclassmen have the ability to continue to align additional courses in the course catalogs. For more information on course alignment, https://abroad.uconn.edu/academics/

How will students grades come back?

  • All students will receive a transcript from their program. The courses will be aligned and placed on their UConn transcript with a letter grade, and factored into their GPA.

Will the courses they take fulfill Plan of Study Requirements?

  • All courses will come back to the students UConn transcript with a UConn course title and number. If the course the student completes successfully applies to their Plan of Study Academic Advisors/Faculty can confirm fulfillment.

Can a student place a course on Pass/Fail or Withdraw from a course?

  • Yes. This process is the same as all students participating in an Experiential Global Learning programs. They can complete the Pass/Fail or Withdraw form found on the Experiential Global Learning website. The same University policies are in place. https://abroad.uconn.edu/procedures/

What is the capacity of the available classes?

  • The Universities are working to ensure student enrollment in each course. It is unknown the capacity of each class.

How would we know if the courses are available or closed due to capacity issues?

  • Once the students are accepted into the programs, they will work with the Universities to determine their course schedules.

What times are the classes?

  • Class times are determined by the Universities, and students will be notified during their registration.

Housing in China

Is there housing available for students? 

  • Yes, both programs have housing options and application details will be provided directly to students.
    • For students choose ECNU, API in Shanghai will help students who need housing for appropriate accommodations. Details were sent to students on July 6th. Students will pay API directly for housing costs
    • University of Nottingham-Ningbo will have housing arrangements.  Students will need to pay Nottingham directly for housing costs.

Do students need to use the housing arrangements above? 

  • No, students do not need to utilize the housing through API or Nottingham.

Additional Questions Specific to East China Normal University

Which campus for ECNU?

  • The English language courses from the Global Education Center are located on its downtown campus (3663 Zhongshan Road, North).  The rest of the courses are likely to be there also.  It depends on individual student course needs.

What is API?

  • API is an Affiliate of UConn Global. They are an Experiential Global Learning Provider that will be assisting students who participate in ECNU with their housing and organizing group social and cultural activities. These activities will be communicated in the coming weeks to students directly by API.

Housing at UConn

For upperclassmen who have currently applied for Fall 2020 on-campus housing, what must they do in order to remove themselves from housing?

  • Upperclassmen will not need to remove themselves from housing. Experiential Global Learning will inform Residential Life of their commitment to a program abroad.

What is the process for both freshman and upperclassmen to apply for spring 2021 housing?

  • For the spring semester, students must complete an application for housing, once they receive a communication directly from Residential Life in the fall.