Non-Traditional Students

Tips for Getting Started

  • Consider what time of the year would be most feasible for you to participate in a program
  • Determine if a full semester or short-term program would be most realistic
  • Talk with your support system about your interest in Experiential Global Learning
  • Discuss your goals as well as your perceived barriers with an Experiential Global Learning advisor (financial, employment, family responsibilities, community commitments, etc.)
  • Meet with your academic advisor to factor in your degree requirements (majors and minors) as well as your intended graduation date
  • Strategize the selection of a  program to meet your career goals, both in the short and long-term, while considering language acquisition, networking, internship opportunities and service learning
  • Ask what the current participation in your program of interest looks like. Are there other non-traditional students participating? Are there any who have previously participated?


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