Religion & Spirituality

Questions to Consider and Discuss with an EGL Advisor

  • What do I know about the religion(s) of my host country and the role religion plays in society?
  • What is the attitude of people in my host country towards other religions?
  • How are religious holidays observed and celebrated? Will I want to participate?
  • How will people perceive my religion? Is my religion legal in my host country?
  • Will I have access to my religion’s places of worship or religious groups? If not, how will I adjust my religious practice while abroad?
  • Will my religion’s holidays be observed and celebrated in my host country? If not, how will I plan to observe holidays?
  • Will my religious dietary restrictions be accommodated in my host country?
  • If I plan to live in a homestay while abroad, am I open to living in a homestay with a similar or diverse religious background from myself?

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