Veterans & ROTC

Questions to Consider and Discuss with an EGL Advisor

  • How will my military benefits be impacted by the costs of participating in Experiential Global Learning?
  • Should I meet with the UConn Veterans Affairs and Military Programs office?
  • How do my previous international travel experiences impact my program selection?
  • How do my previous cross-cultural experiences impact my current academic interests?
  • How might an Experiential Global Learning experience help prepare me for my future career?
  • What academic courses might intersect with my personal experiences, regional interests, career interests and fulfill my academic needs?
  • Are there unique supports for veterans on Experiential Global Learning programs?


UConn Veterans Affairs and Military Programs


Gilman-McCain Scholarship This opportunity is for students who have parents who are active duty military personnel.
UConn United States Armed Forces Veterans Scholarship
Veteran Scholarships